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This is the official YouTube Channel of the Church of North India - Gujarat Diocese D-17.

Easter Sunday
Christmas Songs by C. N. I Gujarat Diocese Council Choir
Passion Week Meetings 2023
Good Friday
Passion Week Meetings 2022
New Year Church Services
Christmas Church Services
Christian Life: Fighting Temptations
English Bible Studies
Online Penticost Sunday Celebration
Bible Studies
The Ten Commandments
Passion Week Meetings 2021
Study on the books of Nehemiah
Global Christmas Celebration 2020
Birth of Jesus
Theme Songs Of 50 Yrs. Celebration Of The CNI Gujarat Diocese D-17
The Psalms
The Parables of Jesus | પ્રભુ ઇસુએ શીખવેલા દ્રષ્ટાંતો
The Gospel of Mark | મર્ક ની સુવાર્તા
God's Calling | ઇશ્વર નું તેડું
Bold Prayers of Faith
Heroes of Faith
Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation
Cottage Prayer Meetings
Family Seminar : 12 Pillars of Family
Church and It's Ministries
Counselling Sessions
Miracles of Jesus
Evening Fellowship
Bible Study Passion Week 2020
Sangeet Mahotsav 2019
Sunday Church Services
Passion Week Meetings - 2020

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